Writing as a Skill

A sure way not to learn how to write competently is to believe that writing is a "natural gift" rather than a learned skill. People who think this way feel that everyone else finds writing easy and that they're "just not good at it". The result of this attitude is that people try to avoid writing and, when they do write, to do less than their best.. Their attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: Their writing fails chiefly because they have brainwashed themselves into thinking that they don't have the "natural talent" needed to write.

But writing is a skill, and like most other skills such as typing, driving, or cooking, it can be learned. If you have the determination to learn, English Skills with Readings (9th Edition) will give you the practice you need to develop good writing skills.

Of course, it's frightening to sit down before a blank sheet of paper or computer screen and know that, an hour later, you may not have written a lot worth keeping. Transforming thoughts from one's head into words on a sheet of paper can be a challenge, and at times it can be frustrating. But writing is not an automatic process, we will not get something for nothing, and we shouldn't expect to. For almost everyone, competent writing comes only from plain hard work determination and sweat. It is a head on battle. The good news is that you can do it if you are ready to work hard.

Source English Skills with Readings (9th Edition) - John Langan - Zoé L. Albright - McGraw-Hill Education (International)

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