Tips for Writing On Screen

If you are using your school's computer center, allow enough time. You may have to wait for a computer or printer to be free, or your school may have sign-up sheets in the lab or online. In addition, you may need several sessions at the computer and printer to complete your paper.

When using word-processing programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs save your work frequently as you write your draft. In addition to saving on the computer, back files up on an external disk, a flash drive, or a server. Most computers will auto-save your work, but any file that is not saved may be lost if the program quits, the computer crashes, or the power is turned off.

Always keep your work in multiple places the hard drive you are working on; a backup device such as a flash drive or external hard drive; and a server such as Dropbox or iCloud. You can also e-mail a copy to yourself.

Print out your work at least at the end of every session. Then not only will you have your most recent draft to work on away from the computer, you'll also have a copy in case something should happen to your files.

Before making major changes in a paper, create a copy of your files. For example, if your file is titled "Worst Job," create a file called "Worst Job 2" or "Worst Job 2-9-15" (using the date as a reference). Then make all your changes in that file. If the changes don't work out, you can always go back to the original file.

Source English Skills with Readings (9th Edition) - John Langan - Zoé L. Albright - McGraw-Hill Education (International)

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