The Format of Each Selection

Each selection begins with a shot overview that gives helpful background information. The selection is then followed by three sets of questions.

  • First, there are Vocabulary in Context questions to help you expand your knowledge of selected words.
  • Reading Comprehension Questions foster several important reading skills: recognizing a subject or topic, determining the thesis or main idea, identifying key supporting points, and making inferences. Answering the questions will enable you and your instructor to check quickly you basic understanding of a selection. More significantly, as you move from one selection to the next, you will sharpen you reading skills as well as strengthen your thinking skills two key factors in making you a better writer.
  • Following the comprehension questions are several discussion questions. In addition to dealing with content, these questions focus on structure, style, and tone.

Finally, several writing assignments accompany each selection. Many of the assignments provide guidelines on how to proceed, including suggestions for prewriting and appropriate methods of development. Some readings also feature related images and writing prompts intended to help you probe and analyze the images. When writing your responses to the readings, you will have opportunities to apply all the methods of development presented in Part 2 of English Skills With Readings.

Source English Skills with Readings (9th Edition) - John Langan - Zoé L. Albright - McGraw-Hill Education (International)

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