Keeping a Journal

Because writing is a skill, it makes sense that the more you practice writing, the better you will write. One excellent way to get practice in writing, even before you begin composing formal paragraphs, is to keep a daily or almost daily journal. Writing a journal will help you develop the habit of thinking on paper and will show you how ideas can be discovered in the process of writing. A journal can make writing a familiar part of your life and can serve as a continuing source of ideas for papers.

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At some point during the day perhaps during a study period after you last class of the day, or right before dinner, or right before going to bed, spend fifteen minutes  or so writing in your journal. Keep in mind that you  do not have to plan what to write about, or be in the mood to write, or worry about making mistakes as you write; just write down whatever word come out. You should write at least one page in each session.

You may want to use a notebook that you can easily carry with you for on-the sport writing. Or you may decide to write on loose-leaf paper that can be transferred later to a journal folder on your desk. Many students choose to keep electronic journals on their computers or online through or a similar Web site. No matter how you proceed, be sure to date all entries.

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You instructor may ask you make journal entries a specific number of times a week, for a specific number of weeks. He or she may have you turn in your journal every so often for review and feed-back. If you are keeping the journal on your own, try to make entries three to five times a week every week of the semester. Your journal can serve as a sourcebook of ideas for possible papers. More important, keeping a journal will help you develop the habit of thinking on paper, and it can help you make writing  a familiar part of your life

Source English Skills with Readings (9th Edition) - John Langan - Zoé L. Albright - McGraw-Hill Education (International)

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